Arcade Games – Supply & Rentals

Warehouse of Games supplies, delivers, and installs the best amusement equipment on rent at extremely affordable prices. We collaborate with globally renowned manufacturers to let you rent machines that cater to all demographics and are perfect for all occasions, corporate or private.


Warehouse of Gamesturns your concepts into executable ideas, enhancingthem and keepingthemrelevant and fresh. From providing project feasibility studies to design intent development plans, from landscaping solutions to installation-commissioning services and operations management, we help you create magic!

Spare Parts

Warehouse of Games supplies equipment and spare parts all over the world at very reasonable prices. We refine, reviveand revampyour machines, no matter how old they might be or how rare their spare parts are.

Technical Support

With a built-in diagnostics system in its machines, Warehouse of Gamesgives you access to immediate and effective support and solutions. We also ensure24/7 online support, conduct service calls, provide manual support, facilitate installation and commissioning, and offer comprehensive training for your maintenance and operation staff.

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