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WRC World Rally Simulator

Bringing the legendary rally experience to the center of challenging runways, World Rally Simulator is not only a favourite for racing lovers with its special design, superior motion technology and striking replica. Taking the game into the game, the realistic experience of the closest driving sensation and excitement of a realistic experience.



-Motion Platform:2 DOF Dynamic Platform

-Power:Rated: 2,2kW / h Peak: 3kW / h

-Voltage:Mono phase 220 V / 50Hz

-Static Size:2210 mm-Length: 2650mm

-Height: 1825mm

-Dynamic Size:Width: 3000 mm

– Length: 2500 mm

-Weight / Static:480 kg / 300 kg / m2

-Weight / Static:480 kg / 300 kg / m2

-Steering Wheel:Full Functional Force-Feedback Controlled Wheel

-Pedal System:Electrical distance tuned system

-Screen:Triple UHD 4K 32 HD LED monitor

WRC World Rally Simulator

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