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Snow Boarder

This game gives the player a realistic snowboarder to stand on, controlling the game by pivoting and sliding. Solid & sturdy rails allow players to safely maintain their balance during each race and a blower built into the front console generates a realistic wind effect as you go. The game features three courses to select from and three snowboarders to play as each athlete has five different snowboards that you can choose from. Link 8 units together for the ultimate snowboard competition!



-Exclusive to arcades and the first time that snowboard simulation has truly hit the scene

-X Games license obtained from ESPN

-Realistic snowboard controller platform can pivot and slide

-Graphics are displayed on a 47″ HD display; powered by modern PC hardware

-Sturdy safety hand rails on both sides and on the front

-Three levels to choose from; three characters to select along with different snowboards

Dimension   :   1105x1956x2642mm

Snow Boarder


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