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NBA Hoop Troop

NBA Hoop Troop is the official licensed NBA basketball shooting game made just for the kids. It has a pivoting backboard with just enough movement in the hoop to make it fun and exciting for kids of all ages. The great background music, kid-friendly scoring, and soft bouncy balls make this game a must have for any family entertainment center or arcade. The unique “Plug in and Play” design, double deep ticket bin, and a low ticket indicator makes this the most operator friendly basketball game on the market. NBA Hoop Troop utilizes a 5 1/2″ balls which is easier for younger players to hold and throw as well as softer if they bounce out of the game.


-Ticket redemption

-Designed for kids

-Double deep ticket dispenser built in

Dimension  :  910x1980x1820mm

NBA Hoop Troop


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