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Mid Size Bumper Cars

Vm-5      :  Work’s tension: 90/110 V • Motor’s power: 0,5/1,2 Kw,length: 1,685 Mt. Width: 0,950 Mt. Height:0,660 Mt,Weight: 147 Kg.

Sphera   :  Extra strong steel bearings.  Sturdy steel chassis , Sturdy rod support and reliable clamping of same by means of strong nylon ring , Steel-wire earth contact brush with sliding contact in metal carbon, for better                               electrical contact , Front side stabilisers , Permanent magnet motor, sturdy, powerful, reliable and easy to service , – Rubber tyre with special reinforced front section.

Sport 1   :  Dicroic front lights 2x10W (standard) or Led (option) , Rear incandescent lamps (standard) or Led (optional) , Self-wrap three-point belts on two seats (standard) , Polyurethane seats
-Lateral stabilisers ,External opening for token collecting.

Hypons  : Considered the revolution of the bumper cars! Suitable for children of 8 to 12 year old age range. Its unique design and many new features made it an instant success with those riders too big for children’s vehicles                         but too small for adult cars for safety reasons.

Charlie   : Work’s tension: 30/55 V dc,Motor’s power: 0,250 Kw,Length: 1,685 m,Width: 0,950 m,Height: 0,655 m,Weight: 138 Kg.

Mid Size Bumper Cars


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