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HOLOGATE ARENA is the unrivaled market-leading compact turnkey multiplayer virtual
reality system. Discover why over 8,000,000 players across 36 countries around the
globe keep coming back to battle the bad piggies as Angry Birds, defend against the
onslaught of a high-tech zombie apocalypse, or get in the groove with friends and
family in a futuristic dance-off!
Due to the high throughput and engaging game content, the average ROI for the
HOLOGATE ARENA is less than 8 months and this 4-player virtual reality attraction
takes up less than 300-square-feet and is perfect for even the most space-challenged
Family Entertainment Center.

4 Player (Standard)
• Premium Virtual Reality Headsets
• High-Performance Gaming PC Computers
• TeamSpeak Player Communication
• Attendant Touchscreen Interface
• Haptic Feedback Blasters
• (3) Signage Grade 24/7 TVs
• Interactive LED Lightshow
• 3D Hologram Advertising Fan
• Admin Analytics Software Backend

Modular System Upgrade Options:
• Haptic Feedback Vests
• Branded Carpeting
• Card Reader integration (Embed, Intercard, Sacoa, etc..)
• HOLORACK – Premium Blaster Charging Rack
• HOLOGATE TERMINAL – Marketing Kiosk
• Branded Queue Stanchions
• Backdrop with HOLOGATE Keyvisual
• Branded Disinfecting Wipe Dispenser with Waste Container
• Metal Perimeter Fencing
• Additional Televisions
• Additional 3D Hologram Advertising Fan
• Operator Wireless Audio Headset SPECIFICATIONS

Minimum Requirements
5 x 5 m / 17 x 17 ft floor space, 2.8 m / 9 ft height
2x 16 A-rated power sockets – 220V (Including USA)
3x 10 A-rated power sockets – 110V
2 Mbit/s Internet


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