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F1 Arcade HB VR

A full motion racing simulator that offers a truly exciting and immersive virtual driving experience. It is as real as it gets with its attractive car replica integrated on 2 DOF motion platform which is able to move in its two axes that are pitch and roll. By combining virtual reality with its motion control technology makes the driver feel in a real F1 cockpit.
This ultimate motion-based racing simulator is offered with VR headset which will deliver a fully immersive driving experience. Moreover its custom design black podium and RGB LED lighting system lets the player feel like a star.

F1 Arcade HB VR – Arcade Racing Simulation 2 DOF Motion Dynamic Platform

Operation Capacity: 1 person
Duration: 3 min
Options: Multiplayer function, P2M App
View System: Oculus Rift
Player Height: Minimum 1100mm
Games: Asetta Corsa, F1 2013 (optional), 16 tracks available

Dimension  :  2080x2950x970mm

F1 Arcade HB VR

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