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It’s not just another day when aliens land on Earth, as you and other human forces must fight back in the exclusive arcade experience D-Day 2077.

D-Day 2077 combines elements of a sit-down arcade turret shooter with a motion simulator and a Virtual Reality game. The seat moves according to the action while the player views the scenes by donning an HTC Vive VR headset. A standard flat screen display sits in front of the seat so that bystanders can witness the action. This is a single player experience, pitting users against hordes of aliens creatures that culminates with giant boss battles.


– Exclusive to arcades

– Single player sit-down experience

– Motion seat that provides haptic feedback to the game movement

– Attached HTC Vive VR headset

– Force feedback chaingun cannon controller with rotating barrel

– Spectacular graphics are displayed in both the VR headset and on the 42″ HD display

– Battle hordes of aliens bugs and other creatures

– Coin-operated or card swipe capable

Dimension: 1118x2260x1956mm


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