Give your customers the most exciting amusement park experience they have ever had. With Warehouse of Games (WOG), you can find the most impressive range of rides that satisfy every client’s expectations. Constructed with the most reliable materials and parts, and built in strict compliance with global safety standards, WOG’s rides will make your amusement and entertainment center the most fascinating and fun place in town!

iconMajor Rides / Attractions
Rope Course
Climbing Wall
Trackless Trains
Choco Cups
Double Turnpike
Air Coaster
Mini Top Spin
Mini Twist Boat
Moon Raker
Heron Carousel
Air Show
Drop Tower
World Trip
Traffic Jam
Air Borne Shot
Kiddies Wheel 5
Fire Convoy
Mini Top Dancer
Air Balloons
Drift Race
Kiddies Swing
Toy Swing
Baby Swing

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