At Warehouse of Games we pride ourselves on not just being Architects; we are also certified executors. We specialize in the concept design as well as in execution.

Using our expertise and knowledge, we thoroughly evaluate every aspect of the project. we discuss with the client preferred design ideas, and then provide detailed schematics and graphics so you – our customer, can visualize your dream even before starting our work. Our prices are very competitive, our after-sale service is superior to others – you, our customer can rest assured that once we are involved, we are always there for you!

Our services can include onsite management, new equipment, an influx of capital needed to bring your game operation to today‘s standards. Our contracts can be short term with the idea teaching our replacements as we go, or a long term contract where you don’t have to worry about your games operation. You are free to manage on other aspects of the park while confident that the games are in the hands of professionals. Our operation plan may include a total revamp of the games area as we see needed. Your success is our success.

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