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Superstar Rumble


– Officially licensed game that sports one of the most powerful entertainment franchises on the planet

– Likenesses of John Cena, The Rock, Sasha Banks, The Undertaker and more are found on the machine

– Two players supported by each cabinet

– Win tickets or collectible cards starring eight of the hottest wrestlers (pictured right). Keep the cards or exchange them for tickets!

– Aim and fire metal balls at the WWE Championship belt, climb the ladder to win the cards

– Missed balls are turned into tickets

– Vertically oriented video screens play clips of different wrestlers in action

– Voice overs provided by professional commentator and ring announcer Byron Saxton

– Potential for future card packs will give this game a long market lifespan

– Red numerical LED display showcases the present ticket bonus jackpot

Dimension :  1580x1230x2470mm

Superstar Rumble

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