Mini Bowling

Mini Bowling is the complete package for fun.
It has the perfect size to fit in many different places. such as
Hotels. Bars, Shopping Malls. Amusement Parks arcades, cafeterias. Pubs. Cruise Lines. Clubs. Residences,Restaurants and more. With modulated project. the Mini Bowling can be installed with 2 or 3 modules,
according to the client’s preferences. Wherever there is place for fun, there is place for Mini Bowling Imply®.


– Control Box with Joystick and 2 Buttons (‘start’ and ‘add player’)
– Electronic Automatic Scoring System with Pin indication LED Display
– Easy collection – operated by coin. Token or smart card
– Scores shown in an aerial 32″ LCD (with 3D animations)
– If 11 neon lights are used. the Bright Bowling system provides an unique show
– Game play with 2 shots per frame (as in official bowling)

Dimension  :

-Height -1.83M

-Width for 1 lane    – 1.58M

-Width for 2 lanes – 2.86M

-Length 2 lane modules  – 10.92M

-Length  3 lane modules  – 13.65M

-Weight  –  1.175 Kilos

Mini Bowling


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