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Dino Invasion

Defend the overrun city from invading dinosaurs. Wide screen projector Play with up to 4 players at the same time Ticket redemption for each player.A standalone video shooting gallery for 4 players. The cabinet is easy to install and allows 4 players to compete against each other for the title of the best hunter. Dino Invasion makes an old concept of a shooting gallery more dynamic by being fully video based, with leader boards, a whole slew of different dinosaurs, as well as ticket redemption for each player.


Arcade exclusive game that combines an old-school shooting gallery with modern video game technology

– Easy to install cabinet with two available themes. Quickly switch over to one of the other games to extend your earnings lifespan

– Unique artwork and marquee available for each theme

– 1-4 player support with 4 rifle stations each gun features force feedback

– All of the action is captured on the large HD projection screen

– Accuracy is tracked for each player with special animations representing different types of shots

– Leader boards foster friendly competition

– Single-slot coin mechanisms and ticket dispensers (tickets are optional) included for each player station

-4 Guns

Dimension  :  3400x3100x2800mm


Dino Invasion


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