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Crazy Claw


– Exclusive to arcades

– Intuitive play – it plays just like a crane/claw machine so users know what to do from the start

– Sturdy CNC manufactured steel cabinet and translucent full color spectrum LED lighting for a quality aesthetic

– Simple joystick/button controls to collect the digital toys/prizes for 1 player

– 15 categories of virtual prizes that rotate out at random to keep the game fresh. Operators can even adjust which categories appear!

– 42″ vertically mounted HD display

– Connect the machine to the internet to download more prize groups or download to a thumb drive and install manually

– Easy access to system computer components

– Bonus/jackpot ticket value clearly marked with a numerical LED style display at the top of the screen

– Plentiful operator options

– Multiple language support covering English, Spanish and more

– Ticket dispenser included with a high capacity ticket bin to ensure more up-time

-Compatible with coin or card swipe systems; please specify which you are interested in at the time of order.

– Also created in a larger 2-player version, the Crazy Claw


Dimension  :  860x1500x2300mm

Crazy Claw


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