Bowling Cafe

Prepared to receive your desired payment system, can be operated with tokens, coins, or smart card. So it does not need employees for service. Located at the start of each lane, has joystick control, and it’s easy to operate. Just insert a credit and start making strikes! Up to 6 players can have fun in the same game. Game play is just like Official Bowling: 10 frames, 2 shots per frame.

Designed specially for the Bowling business, this concept creates a casual atmosphere with greater comfort for your customers. Thus, they can relax while waiting their turn to play, in a perfect setting for drinks and snacks. Available in various colors offer combinations for different decorations.

Overhead LCD:
The 32” flat Overhead LCD’s display the score and 3D animations for more fun at each shot!

Dimension  :  6890x29510mm

Bowling Cafe


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